How To Pull Off The Pajama Trend

It's a pajama party... every day!

The PJ Trend Is Here To Stay

There are many a trend out there that might not last forever. Chokers! Ombre hair! Crop Tops! But one trend that is here to stay is …. Pajamas. Short sleeve, long sleeve, just for Christmas, or every day at work, it is socially acceptable to wear your pajamas all day every day. Almost every major retailer carries some version of a pajama blouse, trousers, or both. We’ve rounded up the cutest optionsout there right now!

Pajama Party

Mix and match or go for the full enchilada but J.Crew has fun colors, designs, and material. You’ll be the chicest person in the office.

One Piece, Fun Piece

Step out in jumpsuit form or combine with jeans for a more casual look but either way you’ll be comfortable.

The Bigger The Better

Tuck it in or let it hang out but Madewell’s oversized PJ blouse will keep you singing sweet songs all weekend long.

A Wise Investment

If you’re not sure you want to invest into a trend have no fear, Forever 21 has an affordable, easy option in case you want to test the waters.

Sassy And Classy

Add a fun slogan to show who you really are… someone who is fashionable, stylish, and ready for bed at any moment.